A loan of up to €1,000.

The first month is free of charge.

The dramatic situation we are experiencing affects not only Italians, but also our international friends. We all need a stimulus and help to start again.

Anyone who knows credit broking knows that it is a source of immediate credit, on the simple guarantee of a precious item.

Affide is the European leader in credit broking and, with 43 offices, is present throughout Italy.

The offer for you

From 4th May to 15th May: no cost for the first month on loans up to €1,000 guaranteed by the precious items that you decide to entrust to us.

We will grant the loan in 20 minutes. This loan will only be guaranteed by your precious item, which will remain in our vaults until you decide to withdraw it. We will not ask for any other guarantee, neither for income nor for a pay packet. And the evaluation is completely free.

This promotion is valid for you and all your friends: you can spread the word. Just display this code: #PromoAffide#

Promotional code

You can go to our offices worry-free because obtaining a loan is considered a primary need and transfer is therefore allowed.

How it works

Find the branch nearest to you

Bring a precious item with you to entrust to us

Get an estimate from our experts in minutes

Get a cash loan up to €1,000 now

If you withdraw your jewellery within 30 days, the loan will be free of charge.

If you want to have more time, that won’t be a problem because the policy that guarantees the loan lasts three months: collect the item whenever you want within three months and the first month remains free.

At the end of the 3 months, you can still renew the term of the loan. Simply go to one of our offices and pay the expenses and interest on the second and third months, because the first month is free. If you renew the loan, we will agree on the new expiration date terms.

This proposal is valid for one policy per customer.

To find out the economic conditions, refer to the information pages published on our website. Theprovision of the loan is at the discretion of the company.